We provide both non-invasive and surgical treaments in the domain of cosmetology.
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The below list is not exhaustive and if you are looking for a cosmetic treatment which is not present below, please contact us to know more.

Some surgical procedures are done in an OT setting and thus they are done at Hospitals. We also provide diet plans from a certified Nutritionist as complimentary offering with certain body sculpting packages. For more information on current offerings or any specific service please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Being a medical establishment we take care of all necessary hygiene and sanitation measures at our clinic.

No. There is not enough evidence or study which deems laser treatments during pregnancy or lactation are safe. We advice to go laser treatments either prior to pregnancy or post lactation phase.

No. Our treatment philosophy is less is more so as to keep the appearance as authentic as possible.

Yes and No. While the surgical results are relatively permanent but needs client/patient discipline to up keep the post procedural changes. Non-invasive results are also relatively permanent but require maintenance sessions to up keep the progress.

No. We ensure patient/client comfort and provide topical/ localised anaesthesia to ease the pain. Hence, making the procedures painless or minimally painful. Cosmetic surgical procedures are done under spinal or general anaesthesia. Post-op, painkillers are prescribed to ease out the pain.