| Dr. Pratiksha Jain

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Are medi-facials taking over the conventional salon facials? If someone asked me this question few years back, I would have probably answered no. But today aesthetic and skin clinics are indeed the best place to treat or pamper your skin. The reason being, they are professionals who not just possess better knowledge about skin but also use medical grade products and advanced technology to provide best skin outcomes. Medi facials are backed by science and doctor’s understanding regarding the skin type. Thereby, making them highly safe and effective at the same time.

Lets look at some of the most popular medi-facials across the world.

Hydra facial - To deep cleanse the skin and provide one with refreshed and naturally glowing skin. It is one of the most popular facials even at Metphi Clinic and will most likely continue to stay trending as it suits almost all skin types and all skin ages.

Carbon Facial - aka Hollywood facial in which the charcoal paste is applied to the face before treating the skin with a Q-switch laser for purifying the skin surface off the excess sebum, dirt, and dead cells. This face treatment is cost-effective and instantly removes comedonal acne, blackheads, dark spots, and leaves the skin looking healthy.

Pollogen (Geneo) facial - These facial uses oxygen pods to detoxify the skin and then a multi active serum is pushed through the skin via ultrasound technology followed by a machine led facial massage for underlying lymphatic drainage. All resulting in a glowing and radiant skin.

Vampire facial - The plasma from your blood is extracted and reinserted into skin with micro needles leaving the skin with pinpoint bleeding endpoints. This results in enhanced blood circulation, collagen production and is one of the best treatments recommended for hyper pigmentation and acne scars. It results in skin becoming firmer, even textured, and even toned in just few sessions done monthly once.

Photo facial - It benefits skin with premature or early signs of ageing. This medi-facial technique uses blue and red LED therapy to amplify the benefits of the procedure. It is recommended for highly sensitive and acne prone skin.

Cryotoning facial - If you do not have time for lengthy 60-90 minutes long facials, then this one is for you. This facial takes only 10 minutes and leaves your skin feeling cool and fresh. Liquid nitrogen gas is passed across face for 2-3 minutes which results in minimising pores, improving micro circulation, and stimulating collagen and elastin in skin.

BB glow facial - Skin enhancing meso solution and pigments are penetrated in the skin using nano pore needles, leaving the skin looking like popular Korean beauties with glass like skin which glows and is even toned. It is semi-permanent make up which also helps to achieve even-toned skin with multiple sessions.

Why are medi facials better when compared to salon facials?

Most salons cater same facials irrespective of skin types and skin needs. To de-tan they provide services like bleach or rica wax which can harm skin in one way or the other. The use of physical scrub or pore blocking creams for massage eventually can trigger skin inflammation. But mainly why medi facials have an upper edge is because it can potentially treat skin at different depths based on the concern. It not just make the skin feel better immediately after but also has a compounding benefit over time with repeated treatments.

Concept of bespoke beauty

Medi facials are the birthplace of this concept, which we have happily adopted as our core value to cater all our clients. Like one size doesn’t fit all, skin care is meant to be personalised for an individual. We are very mindful when we listen to our clients and their history with respect to skin. We want to understand their goals with their skin and help them make progress towards. We follow a very realistic approach with regard to treatment outcomes and do not believe in making any false promises. We feel beauty is subjective and with us one can enhance it and feel more confident about themselves. The below informative video demonstrates the steps in vampire facial at Metphi Clinic.