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I am often asked in my practice to what are the alternative treatments to Hair transplant as most of the times there is a hesitation around undergoing a surgical procedure. While hair transplant is definitive, especially in advanced stages of hair loss, there are few regenerative therapies that could work to reverse the hair loss or arrest it at a very early stage.

Prerequisites for Hair growth treatments

Most non-surgical hair growth treatments will act as a supportive treatment that help our body to re-grow and supplement the hair follicle with necessary growth factors. Hence it is important to understand what type of hair loss we are dealing with. Hair loss could be due to various factors mentioned below.

Nutritional deficiencies like iron, zinc, B complex, vitamin D etc.

Hormonal imbalances as seen in thyroid disorders, diabetes, PCOS, androgenic alopecia(testosterone related).

Post inflammatory hair loss after a viral fever or a chronic inflammation or dandruff.

Post chemotherapy or radiation therapy hair loss as seen after cancer treatments.

Post-partum hair loss after pregnency.

Physiological hair loss usually age related and telogen effluvium.

Lifestyle related due to habits like smoking or stress related.

Autoimmune also known as Alopecia areata.

Once the cause or causes are identified, a systemic treatment to correct it or prevent it should be initiated alongside supplementary hair treatments.

5 Popular treatments for hair growth

Hair Growth Factor Concentrate - It is an advanced form of popular treatment called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). It uses the growth factors present in the blood which help arrest hair fall and initiate hair growth. It is best suited for early stages of alopecia or to enhance graft hair for pre- and post-transplant cases. Depending on hair loss a minimum of 3-4 sessions are needed with a frequency of once monthly.
Best results with : Micro needling, topical hair growth sprays and serums
Highlights : Since it is autologous, it is completely safe and has no reported side effects.

Qr678 neo - In recent years it gained much popularity globally as one of the finest supplementary treatments for hair growth. It is a concentrated solution of growth factors which are selective and biomimetic. It is said to be a much better procedure in terms of qualitive results when compared with PRP. A minimum of 5 treatments sessions are recommended with a frequency of once monthly.
Best results with : Topical solutions like minoxidil, peptides etc.
Highlights :It has no down time and is quick and pain free procedure.

Low level laser therapy for hair growth - When we talk about hair growth with energy-based devices, laser helmets using LED light 650 nm (red wavelength) have shown to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth, High frequency devices and ultrasonic machines have been around for quite some time now. It is used as an adjuvant treatment for grade 1 to 3 on Norwood scale for hair loss.
Best results with : When used with other hair growth treatments.
Highlights : it is comfortable and can be prescribed at home as well.

Stem cell therapy for hair growth - Stem cell based therapy approaches include stem cell transplant, stem cell-derived conditioned medium and stem cell-derived exosomes. Out of the three approaches, stem cell derived conditioned medium and stem cell derived exosomes look promising in pre-clinical and clinical trials while stem cell transplant could be an expensive treatment with tumour generating possibilities. Stem cells are derived from non-affected hair or donor area, bone marrow, adipose tissue etc. They are then processed through stem cell extraction device Regenera© and injected in scalp. A repeat session may be needed 6-12 months later.
Best results with : Topical treatment like Minoxidil , mesotherapy for hair
Highlights : Less number of sessions needed. Minimally painful.

Mesotherapy for hair - Mesotherapy involves usually a solution which is delivered in mesoderm. It usually comprises of peptides, amino acids and vitamins that help aid strengthen the hair follicle. The cocktail of nutrients is injected every two to four weeks while topical like minoxidil or finasteride remain mainstay of treatment.
Best results with : Topical treatment and micro needling
Highlights : Effective for Grade 1 -2 hair loss and as a maintenance treatment.

Hair loss is due to many factors and the approach to treat it should start with consulting a specialist to understand the root cause and start with a first line of treatment. Even though it may appear on the surface as a cosmetic concern, in reality it is much more than that. Hair loss is associated with systemic disorders and also can psychotically impact a person in a negative way with low mood, depression and excessive stress. Hair is considered an important aspect of beauty and definitely adds to ones personality. Therefore , it is wise to not take hair loss lightly and start a hair treatment which is best advised as per the professional advice of a medical trichologist.

Hair loss treatments at Metphi Clinic:

Hair Mesotherapy
Low level laser therapy
QR678 neo
Hair transplant

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